Davee Blows '1985 born and raised in Poland. 
Over the last 10 years Davee have lived in 9 different countries ( sweden, singapore, uk, hong kong, japan, taiwan, germany, south korea, usa) and travelled to more than 50. Based out of San Diego today. 
 Davee is recognized for bright, expressive tattoos covering large areas of the body. Studied all over Asia with the most well known Masters of the craft from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, his work is heavily influenced by traditional Asian art, but with his own unique style and twist- European art approach , Asian traditional education, graffiti background and a strong need to speak through his art, makes Davee work outstanding and highly desirable.
 He is painting almost every day.
 Davee has worked for many well know clothing and lifestyle brands like : Evisu, Dr.Martens , Prosto, Fingercroxx, Three Kings Tattoo, Mishka Nyc and many more.
 Davee has his own paintings shown on solo and group shows around the world from Canada to New Zealand. 
 He has won over 40 international tattoo convention awards, including first place in Milano, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Gothenburg, Oslo to name a few being recognized as one of leaders in the industry.
Davee works everyday.